Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Need For Speed Shift

After the great success of Need For Speed “Underground” and “Hot Pursuit” EA games was showing off the Need For Speed Shift at the E3 2009. Need for Speed Shift was developed by Slightly Mad Studios, it is a next-generation racing simulator built by racers for racers thus delivering an authentic and immerse driving experience, replicating the true feeling of racing high-end performance cars.

Need for Speed will definitely be a hit because of there exciting features such as a realistic first-person cockpit view camera and an all-new crash mechanic. Right now PC Game is saying it is “a completely real driving experience” and Joy Pad is saying that “Graphically, the game looks superb“.

Ever Heard About a Pen Mixed With Digitel Wristwatch

Helix Pen - Wrist Watch

Indonesian designer Raka Gemma makes The design of the Helix pen. It’s a new gadget that includes a traditional pen mixed with modern technology. A lot of attention was paid to the design of the device, which is quite modern and simple. The modernism in the gadget was outlined with a digital watch incorporated in the pen.

Samsungs Presents World’s Slimest Video Game Watch


Samsung created a new gadget call Samsung WM the Wristwatch Gaming Gadget that Uses Motion Capture Technology. Samsung WM boasts a large screen and control that takes advantage of the new motion-capture technology – you can play games using thumbs and feet. Besides there’s also a camera in the back that helps you see the motions of the thumbs and feet.

Samsung WM boasts a large screen and control that takes advantage of the new motion-capture technology – you can play game using thumbs and feet. Besides there’s also a camera in the back that helps you see the motions of the thumbs and feet.The Samsung WM has earbugs and pen, both clipping instinctively into the gadget’s back panel.

Samsung Gaming Watch Design

You can call it world’s smartest hand-held video game wrist watch.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sony to launch motion sensing PS3 remote

The arch rival of Nintendo in the Gaming battlefield, Sony is rumoured to announce its new high calibre PS3 motion sensing remote at E3 expo. It is said that the remote is designed to out market Wii remotes. Wii remote being one of the most sought after PS3 accessories has already set a high standard for all. Sony’s claim to develop a remote which works on the pull and push movements of the game. When amalgamated with the costliest console PS3, this would formulate a good mix of superior graphics and cut throat gaming strikes. When launched this remote would certainly get some eyes out of the Wii gaming scene. The competition has always been tough and now it is getting hotter. With the heat on and the grapevine floating, we can certainly expect something startling to look forward to!!

Apple shaped USB as a perfect adornment for your neck!

Technology has contrived momentous anabasis. From generously making your task effortless it has also created a niche in the fashion arena. In this techno-trendy life the gadgets are designed to be eye snatchers as well. Our primitive urgency, a USB flash drive also comes in the most stylish get ups.Apple shaped pendant is truly eye catching structure for USB. In this apple shaped pendant you can now make your data rest in peace. This data engulfing device from the house of Gadget4alleats up to 2 GB of data.Consummate in its domain, it exhibits glamour and panache. Emerging in dazzling colours of pink, red, blue and white this diamond studded chaplet is a stupendous piece of fashion accessory for all you women out there. And all you gentlemen it can be an ideal gift for the techno savvy feminine side. This one is meant to create stir amongst your peers. This exquisite piece of modish gadget can embellish your neck or wrist at a meagre price of $21.

Sony Black Tribute Concept phone

The designer has put forward a concept of a wide screen phone. The screen envelops full front portion of the phone. Bearing a stylish and glossy aluminium finish body, it exhibits glamour. On board is a 3.2 Meg camera for clear pictures. Smooth touch screen amenity for the applications is endearing.Rest most other buttons and charging block are on the sides or on the rear side. We are awaiting mirror point details of other specs. Ethereal and attractive this concept phone when actualizes seems bees knees in the mobile phone coliseum.

Panasonic slashes price of 103-inch plasma

Finding itself in the odd position of selling a suddenly low-end 103-inch 1080p plasma, Panasonic has responded by cutting the price of the professional model TH-103PF10UK by $20,000 to a mere $50,000. Despite waiting over two years to move to a much more reasonable, mass market price the company has racked up over 6,000 installs of the model, with displays starring at the Democratic National Convention, as virtual air hockey tables, on NBC's Sunday Night Football and Beijing Olympics studio, TNT's NBA Playoffs set and more. This seems like a good time to mention the display is also capable of being matrixed in a 5 x 5 video wall -- and at these prices, we can't see why anyone wouldn't. Of course, they could just be clearing stock to bring out the 150-inch behemoth or a more home oriented TH-103PZ800 model Stateside, so weigh your options carefully.