Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sony to launch motion sensing PS3 remote

The arch rival of Nintendo in the Gaming battlefield, Sony is rumoured to announce its new high calibre PS3 motion sensing remote at E3 expo. It is said that the remote is designed to out market Wii remotes. Wii remote being one of the most sought after PS3 accessories has already set a high standard for all. Sony’s claim to develop a remote which works on the pull and push movements of the game. When amalgamated with the costliest console PS3, this would formulate a good mix of superior graphics and cut throat gaming strikes. When launched this remote would certainly get some eyes out of the Wii gaming scene. The competition has always been tough and now it is getting hotter. With the heat on and the grapevine floating, we can certainly expect something startling to look forward to!!

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